Essential Gear and Equipment for Wedding Photography

If why you have embarked in the niche of wedding photography and happen to discover that you have some skill to become successful in the art, then you need to get your gears and equipment ready if you are planning on doing this job professionally.  These days, you will find a lot of photography enthusiast developing professional photography as part of their sideline.  Be it studio photography, journalistic photography, landscape photography, or wedding photography, due to the high number of photography enthusiast, there will likely be a few who are bound to excel in some of these photography niches.

Due to the high number of professional photographers and a rapid increase in their skills and talent due to the easy availability of training materials, seminars, and great photography gear and equipment, many enthusiast photographers have now taken professional photography as their part time job – a hobby that pays off as their hobby is now allowing them to earn through it.  In fact, in Calgary wedding photographers are becoming highly sought after and has become a profitable part time work for many business and career professionals who are into photography.

One of the most highly sought after photography niche is wedding photography.  If you happen to be good in this niche and would like to take it to the next level by becoming a professional wedding photographer during your free time from work, then it is important that you set yourself for the challenge and prepare all the essential gears and equipment needed when undertaking this type of spontaneous photography.  Here are some of the gears and equipment you will need in becoming successful in this profession:

  1. Full-frame DSLR Camera – it cannot be emphasized enough how you need to have a full-frame DSLR camera instead of a cropped-frame camera in this profession. This is because full-frame cameras allow you to capture vivid images even under low lighting. While some may say it is the photographer that makes the shots look beautiful, still it helps having a high-end camera that will allow you to perfectly capture images you will normally have trouble capturing when using an entry-level DSLR camera.  Aside from your primary camera, investing in a secondary camera that serves as backup as well as your camera for certain angle or frame shots is quite useful in this profession.
  2. Flash, Diffuser, Lighting Kits and Brackets – in order to capture naturally-looking images, having the right lighting gear when capturing images is important. The hard light from a flash makes the skin tone of people look pale and overexposed. Having the right lighting gear, stand, and brackets will allow you to capture better images.
  3. Lens – having just a fast lens is not enough. In order to properly frame subjects or effectively capture backdrops, you will need a fast prime lens with large aperture, a zoom or telephoto lens with reasonably large aperture, a medium zoom lens that is perfect for capturing portrait, and a fast lens that has a wide angle for capturing a wide area without having to move distantly from the subjects.
  4. Camera Bags, Tripods, Memory Cards, Battery Grip, Backup Batteries, Computer, and Post-editing Software – just some of the things you may want to invest on if you want to involve yourself in this photography niche professionally.

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